Peppermint Cold Brew Tea

And as if by magic… Summer appeared.

This glorious weather has us thinking of chilled infusions, and this simple recipe really hits the spot on a balmy afternoon (and is an equally delicious early morning cool-down too).

Cold brew is a great way to enjoy iced tea. Rather than making a hot infusion and chilling down afterwards, cold brew is made entirely without a kettle. Hot infusions, when cooled, can become rather bitter – hence some iced teas being packed full of sugar to help take the edge off. But brewing your tea in chilled water releases less of those bitter tannins resulting in a fresh, clean infusion.



  • 2 tsp English Peppermint
  • 500ml room temperature water (filtered)
  • Some sprigs of fresh mint leaves
  • Lemon

Using a jug or pitcher, add the Peppermint tea and pour over the room temperature water. Place in the fridge for 1 – 2 hours (all depends on how strong you like your tea). Strain the infusion and serve over ice with some fresh mint and a good squeeze of lemon juice – you can add some lime and cucumber too if you fancy.


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One thought on “Peppermint Cold Brew Tea

  1. Gotta make a cold brew julep. Classy.

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